Please note - Bowral and Goulburn Centres are open. Moss Vale Centre open with revised hours (9.30 am  - 4.30 pm, closed 1pm - 2pm)  and Mittagong is open with revised hours as a cashless business banking centre (9.00am - 5.00 pm, closed 11.30am - 12.30 pm). All remote banking options are available and our team can be contacted on 02 4860 4000. 

Code of Conduct

BDCU Limited is an ethical organisation that will conduct its business with integrity, according to its documented vision, mission and values.

Every officer, staff member, contractor, agent and distributor of BDCU will be required to work within our ethical values at all times.

Our objective is to provide outstanding service in a relationship of trust for the purpose of promoting the member’s lifestyle goals. We will not knowingly promote services to our members that are substantially inferior or to the detriment of their financial wellbeing. We are committed to employee development and support. We will promote and sustain an environment of respect and care for our employees. Our staff will be treated fairly and equitably at all times.

We will treat the personal information of both our members and staff with the strictest of confidentiality. Access to this information will be limited to the designated officers of BDCU and used solely for the purposes for which it was provided.

We will take seriously our responsibility to our wider communities. We will conduct our business with respect for the environment, community values and needs. We will participate, as appropriate, in community initiatives intended to promote community wellbeing. The Board, Management and Staff of BDCU will not, in any circumstance take advantage of their position or the information it provides them for the purposes of personal gain or to the detriment of BDCU.

Where a conflict of interest arises between a member of Board or Management and BDCU that might interfere with the interests of BDCU, the conflict will be declared and managed in the best interests of BDCU.

The Board, Management and Staff of BDCU will treat the assets of BDCU with respect and will not tolerate the misuse or abuse of BDCU's property under any circumstances.

BDCU will encourage and support the reporting in good faith of unlawful and unethical behaviour by any member of staff, Management or the Board.

The Board, Management and Staff of BDCU must co-operate fully with the internal auditor at all times. Any attempt to impede, mislead or obstruct the internal auditor will result in disciplinary action.

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