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BDCU CEO to retire after 25 years at the helm

Deputy CEO appointed to top job

After almost 25 years as CEO of BDCU and BDCU Alliance Bank, Jan Edwards has decided to retire from the role.

Jan’s tenure at BDCU makes her one of Australia’s longest serving financial services CEOs. She successfully led the organisation through an unprecedented amount of change.

The good news is that our Deputy CEO, Tanya Schiller, has accepted the board’s offer to take over as CEO from 1 January 2020. This was a unanimous decision by the board.

Jan’s unique combination of gritty determination and engaging personality have made an indelible mark on the culture of BDCU that will be fondly remembered by staff and members alike.

She relentlessly improved the capacity for BDCU to serve the best interests of members and the local community while continuing to uphold the ‘support one another’ ethos of our 1963 founders, the employees of Southern Portland Cement.

As the financial landscape changed in recent years, Jan oversaw the successful but complex 2014 transition of BDCU Credit Union to BDCU Alliance Bank and, by doing so, secured BDCU’s capacity to remain an independent social enterprise that places the 

interests of its members and the local community at the core of its operations.

Tanya’s natural talent as a leader, intelligence and financial services knowledge – particularly of BDCU Alliance Bank operations – make her the perfect candidate to take over as CEO. We are pleased that Jan will be staying on until July 2020 to complete strategic projects and ensure a smooth leadership transition.

During Tanya’s 11 years at BDCU, the past two as Deputy CEO, she has proven herself to be a highly capable leader who is extremely passionate about BDCU Alliance Bank’s central role as a commercial and social enterprise in the Southern Highlands and Tablelands.

She was project lead for BDCU’s constitution change and the transition from BDCU Credit Union to BDCU Alliance Bank in 2014.

Tanya has strong local connections with both Goulburn and the Highlands, having been raised in the region and schooled here. She understands the local economy and has a deep passion for supporting the community through her strong local connections.

Tanya has served on a number of management committees and boards of local community groups and has a deep understanding of the integral role that BDCU plays in improving the lives of our members and their communities.

I’m sure you will join me in wishing Jan all the best for the future and great success for Tanya in her new role.

Yours sincerely,
Daniel Marmont
BDCU Alliance Bank

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