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Meet the Lenders: Christine Boucher

Christine Boucher

Christine Boucher is our Lending Specialist in Moss Vale, and has more than 25 years experience in the banking and finance industry as a Mortgage Broker and Business Developer. We had a chat about the benefits of banking locally, and how BDCU Alliance Bank can help our members achieve their financial goals.

Why consult a local lender?

As a BDCU Alliance Bank Local Lender we are based in four locations across the Southern Highlands and Southern Tablelands. We’re available to speak face-to-face with members, and as we are locals, we have local knowledge of the area and market, which is important when creating the right package for you or your business. There’s no one-size fits all approach.

How does your role as a local lender help members with their financial situation?

I like to have a chat, talk about your unique situation and deliver a solution to help achieve your financial goals.

We understand that everyone’s financial situation is different, and assist our members to help achieve their goals, whether that’s buying their first car, home or investment. Stepping our members through the process and ensuring they have the knowledge and understanding of their requirements, is something we enjoy doing. We’ll check in with you along the way, to make sure you are on track or provide additional assistance.

Owning a home or an investment is still a major goal for many people, and saving for the deposit is one of the biggest hurdles. What are your tips to help people get started?

  • Have a discussion with your local lender TODAY! They’ll guide you on the amount you need to save and how you can achieve it. They’ll tell you about all the extra costs that come with buying property, such as legal fees, moving costs and stamp duty.
  • Don’t over commit – Use your first home as a stepping stone. You don’t need the Taj Mahal. Start with something you can afford, which will make saving the deposit more achievable.

If you could say one thing about BDCU AB what would it be?

We look outside the box! We’re excited about the challenge of helping you with your financial situation, as it stretches our creativity and gives us the opportunity to help people and our local community.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m passionate about horses, riding, and competing in equine cattle sports.

Want to meet Christine? Visit us at our Moss Vale Centre.

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