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All remote banking options are available and our team can be contacted on 4860 4000. 

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New Year, New You: Four Tips to Clean Up Your Finances - Part One

You don't need to wait until Spring to clean up your finances! Erin Mills our Local Lending Specialist in Bowral, is a budgeting extraordinaire and can help you take control of your spending and work towards achieving your personal financial goals sooner! Here are four tips, to get you started.

Be proactive: Don’t wait until everything gets on top of you, or struggling to make payments on time to make ends meet. Speak to us now!

Be prepared: Putting a budget in place can be a big change if you haven’t done it before, and can take a few weeks to get used to.  Stick with it! One simple way to help you stay on track, is taking your lunch to work rather than buying it everyday and limiting amount of takeaway dinners, it really adds up and will not only save you money, but can be healthier for you. Not to mention, if you are wanting to buy your first home or car, your spending can affect your borrowing power and affordability.

Block your savings and bills accounts: We can open you different accounts for different costs such as a bills account, rego accounts, long term savings etc. We can limit your access, so you can't transfer out. You will still be able to see your transaction list and  transfer into your other savings accounts. This can help while you’re getting used to a budget, and stop you from dipping into them.

Have persepctive: Be aware of what you’re spending. Two takeaway coffees per day @ $4.50 each x 5 = $45 per week x 48 working weeks per year = $2160 per year...THAT'S JUST ON COFFEE! That’s also a holiday! We are not saying skimp on the things you love, just be mindful. Do you really need that second large flat white?

The content above does not represent any form of advice. Your individual finanical circumstances have not been considered, they are simple tips to help you organise your finances. 

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