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Super Hero Savers - savings tips for kids

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Here’s some tips (and there’s way more that you can find online) on how to get started saving. You might have a part-time job or earn pocket money and with a few hints and tips you can save for that special thing you really want.

  • Have a goal and make it real! You could draw a chart or even use your BDCU Alliance Bank Super Hero passbook. Each time you deposit money into your account the team can help you see how far you have got.
  • Hang on to your money – if you have a savings account pop it straight away, that way its harder to spend. Don’t forget once its gone it’s gone.
  • If you feel like giving up remind yourself of what you are saving for – it can help you keep motivated.
  • Be kind to yourself, it’s ok to have the occasional treat just don’t use all of your pocket money that week. That way you will keep on track and won’t give up.
  • When you’ve achieved your goal and got your special something set yourself a new one.

For Mum’s and Dad’s, Money Smart has some great resources on their website.

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